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Enterprise Application Services

Maximize your application availability agility and predictability.


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Design, implementation and production support services for enterprise applications.

In today’s on-demand, 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can have a devastating impact on any organization. To deliver the full benefits of critical applications, companies need the technical expertise, time and resources to manage diverse application environments. But with shrinking maintenance budgets, increasingly complex infrastructures, and limited visibility into applications and their supporting systems, resolving issues can sometimes take too long and result in frustrated end users and lost revenue.

The challenges for managing enterprise applications continue to grow as mobility and security become increasingly critical as well. Users need to work faster and more efficiently than ever, and to do so, they need enterprise applications on a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes. While organizations struggle to make enterprise applications more widely available , they find that they must do more to increase application and data security to protect valuable company data. A partner with in-depth experience in enterprise application services (EAS) consulting can help ensure your enterprise applications work the way they should.

We helps some of the world’s most successful organizations effectively manage mission-critical applications to ensure around-the-clock availability with our EAS consulting solutions. We can help you proactively solve issues before users are affected and react faster to market opportunities. We collaborate to understand your business so we can deliver robust enterprise application management solutions that reduce costs, minimize risk, improve ROI, and support your long-term objectives.

An important component of our enterprise applications services, Our enterprise application maintenance services are tailored to fit your IT environment and business needs and our on-demand services provide a holistic view of your applications, including a scalability assessment, portfolio analysis and sourcing strategies. We set up the processes, organize teams and frameworks for application management, assess existing processes and identify gaps, and deliver reports on each application’s contributions to your overall strategy.

SAP Services and Technologies

SAP Services

  • Business and IT Advisory Services:
  • To accelerate growth you need to put people at the very center of your business , both customers and staff. With that end-goal in mind, our consultants will take you on a journey, collaborating and challenging, to enable you to shape and deliver commercial strategy, business change and digital innovation that will position you ahead of the competition

  • Implementation and Integration Services:
  • The ability to protect and prolong the life of your data is critical for an efficient, well-run operation. But the integration of new technology always presents a challenge in how to connect old and new systems for true interoperability. We proven ability to work across the SAP and non-SAP technology ecosystem, both integrating disparate systems and implementing new technologies, has proven mission critical for some of the world’s largest companies.

  • Technical Upgrades:
  • Ensuring that your organization is on the latest version of the entire SAP technology stack is crucial to the health of your business and the ongoing viability of your technology infrastructure. We offer comprehensive, tailored offerings to ensure that the integrity of your system is maintained while upgrades are implemented in a timely way.

  • Application Management:
  • Application Management: With reduced budgets and higher service levels, it has become increasingly difficult to minimize downtime and maximize efficiencies, whilst trying to rapidly respond to the needs of your business.

SAP Technology

  • Digital Core:
  • SAP S/4HANA solutions – the next generation of ERP software. S/4HANA is built on SAP HANA, the only in-memory application platform in the world enabling your users to transact, analyze, plan and predict from a single data set, in real-time. This provides you with a digital core from which to innovate and transform.

    We are the organization that can offer everything a client will need for all types of HANA deployment.

  • Customer Engagement and Commerce:
  • In the age of personalization it is critical to put your customer at the center of your world. SAP technologies, including Hybris, provide your customer with a seamless shopping experience whilst providing you with actionable to build customer loyalty and increase their purchasing spend with you

  • Big Data and Analytics:
  • Big Data and analytics are a key component on your journey to Digital Transformation and an essential tool in shaping innovative business models to enable forward looking decisions. Exponential increases in both volumes and complexity of data have made it increasingly difficult to derive valuable and relevant insights to provide you with a competitive edge. We can help you turn data into tangible business benefits utilizing various SAP technologies without exhausting your human resources.

  • Enterprise Performance Management:
  • Enterprise Performance Management gives you stability in an ever changing market. Our experts will align your business objectives and processes to ensure relevant KPI data is captured and reported on, across your business. This will provide you with a real-time overview of your organization’s commercial performance, highlighting the moment issues arise, allowing you to quickly remedy, resolve and ultimately protect your business.

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